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Our mission at Online Homeopathic Clinic is to provide our patients with an integrated and holistic approach to healing. We do not fix problems. Rather, we enrich our patients’ lives by teaching them how to self-heal and by helping them unlock their healing potential by using homeopathic remedies. Homeopath Muhammad Waseem Zahid has  completed his studies in 1999 at Punjab homeopathic medical college Faisalabad Pakistan with a Licentiate in Homeopathy.Since then he has been practicing homeopathy professionally and got the opportunity to serve in Pakistan,Germany and UK. If you or members of your family regularly feel unwell, have recurrent or chronic illnesses or are just tired and washed out, why not try homeopathy. It’s gentle, holistic and non-toxic. As a homeopath we treats an individual with a specific set of symptoms, rather than battling a disease. Book your appointment today or feel free to give us a call to learn more.


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We offer a wide rang of homeopathic consultation services. Our Clients generally choose homeopathy and come to us because,

  • They or their children, have recurrent or chronic illnesses, for which other treatments have not provided a solution.

  •  want a more holistic approach.

  •  want to have their families treated without the many side effects of other treatments.

  •  have been recommended by another satisfied client.

All of our individualized treatments are carefully designed to relieve your pain and help you live a happier, more comfortable life. Our perception of health focuses on our patient’s body's structure, physiological systems, diet and nutrition, and their emotional and psychological state. Check out our list of treatments and services to learn more about what we can do to help you heal.

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